Welcome to UK Adventure Racing

Test 8th September 2020.

This is the portal for all things AR in the UK, all the races, useful links, facts, adventure racers and most importantly, the home of the UK Adventure Racing Championship and National Ranking. As the championship and ranking are new concepts we will be running a pilot in 2012, and at the end of the year we will be able to crown unofficial male, female and team UK Adventure Racing champions! More information can be found on the UK AR Champs and Rankings tabs.

There are two defining principles that determine what an adventure race is:

  • The event must have two or more disciplines and
  • The event must include navigation, route choice and strategy.

The aim of the UK Adventure Racing website is to:

  • Create a central hub for all things UK adventure racing. A one stop shop where you can review the rankings leader board, read blogs, see what races are coming next and look for team mates.
  • Grow UK Adventure Racing, working with adventure racers, clubs, teams and event organisers.
  • Allow UK adventure racers to compete against each other at a National level.
  • Provide a platform for teams to establish themselves and compete against each other.