AR Club

ONLINE MEMBERSHIP is now available to become a member of the UKAR Club.  All details can be found here:

The last committee meeting of the Club was at Ilam Hall on 1st April after the Open5.  The meeting minutes can be found here.

Next meeting: 29th April 2012

South: Nicki Adams will host Exmoor Questars race general catch up.  North: Joe Faulkner to host Open Adventure 2-day race general catch up, April

UK ARClub membership is open to all racers and currently costs just £10 per year.  Membership forms are available from the Treasurer, Ben Turner. email: The membership will help shape and develop UK Adventure Racing including the UK Ranking system, Brit Championships and AR Ball.  Club members currently receive discounts on some training sessions, and as the club grows the benefits of membership will become apparent.

We are looking at online membership, but this will take time and money!

Joe Faulkner –  UK AR Club Chair

2012 AR Nominations and Awards:

The SLEEPMONSTERS Inspiration Award Epic Tri
Kim Collinson – all round seasons performances
Kath Jackson – C2C
Alex Pilkington
Kim Collinson
Endurance Award Epic Tri
Team Adidas Tasmania
Team Adidas
“Go Balls Deep” Award Epic Tri
Andy Mitchell- Africa
Fi Spotswood – Patagonia
Fi Spotswood
Performance of the year Stu Lynch – C2C Stu Lynch
Extraordinary Achiever Award Epic Tri Epic Tri
People’s Choice Award Tri Adventure – AR in the south
Joe Faulkner – Creating UK AR Club
Tri Adventure
The Best Newcomer Award Dawn Westrum
Sharon McDonald and Gill Eccleston
Chris Hope
Heather Burrows and Chris Hebbenstall
Dawn Westrum
Most Improved Racer Lisa Whetter and Sue Woods
Alex Pilkington
Sally Ozanne
Tom Davies
Alex Pilkington
Best Course Planner Wayne Elliott Open 12
Kim and Neil Open 24
Kim and Neil Open 24
Unsung Hero Award Steve Johnson – Medic
Rob Marriott – Computer Geek
Dave Johnson – Open 5 man
Ian Nicol – Behind the scenes of Open Adventure
Dave Johnson
Media Whore of the Year Bruce Duncan Bruce Duncan