UK Adventure Racing Club – Constitution


  • To further the aims of UK Adventure racers and develop the sport of AR
  • To develop good practices within the sport of AR
  • To develop excellence within teams and individuals
  • To promote AR appropriately


There is no clear route, need, nor wish to affiliate to any NGB at this time.  Any possible future affiliation will be considered by the club if, and when, appropriate.

Structure and Operation of UKAR Club:

The UK AR Club will be run by a committee of at least six people. These shall be a chairperson, secretary, treasurer, and three other (initially) non-title posts.  The committee can decide to co-opt or appoint a further two posts within the initial six months if it so chooses, and as it sees fit. Ultimately, all posts will be decided by the annual AGM yearly.

Benefits and Activities of UKAR Club:

  • To advise and help administer the UK AR Ranking system
  • To advise and help administer the draft UK AR (BRIT) Championships
  • To be responsible for the AR Awards and any ceremony (from 2013)
  • To develop networks for training – both hard-skills and informal social / training days
  • To recognise, support and develop local / regional clubs / teams
  • To offer the UK Adventure Racers a collective voice
  • To support all UK racer providers in helping them deliver quality races in a united calendar.
  • To develop further benefits as agreed by the club in due course.


Membership is open to any UK racer upon payment of the agreed membership fee.  The initial fee of £10 per year was agreed.

Disciplinary Action:

The committee has the power to expel any member should the need arise.

Formation of The UK AR Club

The UK Adventure Racing Club hereby adopts and accepts this constitution as a current operating guide regulating the actions of members.

SIGNED:                                                  DATE: 7th Feb 2012

NAME:  Joe Faulkner

POSITION: Club Chair

SIGNED:                                               DATE: 7th Feb 2012

NAME:         Tom Gibbs

POSITION: Club Secretary