Events Calendar

2013 Adventure Racing Calender

6th January: Haglofs Open 5, North Yorkshire Moors.

19th & 20th January: Tri-Adventure Academy, Camberley.

20th January: Tri-Adventure Sprint, Camberley.

3rd February: Haglofs Open 5, South West.

17th February: Tri-Adventure Sprint, Camberley.

23rd to 24th February: Adventure Racing Ball & Social Weekend, Lake District.

23rd to 24th February: Adventure Race Fundamentals, Lake District.  Email:  Tel: 0844 967 1117

3rd March: Haglofs Open 5, Yorkshire Dales.

17 March: Tri-Adventure Sprint & Experience, Camberley.

23rd March: Questars, New Forest

7th April: Haglofs Open 5, Lake District.

13th April: The Welsh Adventure Racing Series Brecon Beacons

21st April: Plymouth MAD.  South West.

28th & 29th April: Questars 2 day,  Thames Valley.

5th May: Haglofs Open 5, Shropshire Hills

18 & 19th May: Tri-Adventure Academy, North Downs

18th May: Questars,  Cotswolds.

19th May: Tri-Adventure Sprint, North Downs

1st & 2nd June: 2 Day Open Event, Lake District

16th June: Tri-Adventure Sprint,North Downs

21st June: 3 Peaks Yatch Race. UK

6th & 7th July: 2 Day Open Event,Wales

13th July: Questars,  Wiltshire Downs

21st July: Tri-Adventure Sprint & Experience, North Downs

27th July: The Welsh Adventure Racing Series Mid Wales

23rd to 26th August: Coast to Coast Adventure Race, Northern England.

5th-7th September: The Heb. Scotland

14th & 15th September: Tri-Adventure Academy, Chilterns

15th September: Tri-Adventure Sprint, Chilterns

15th Septemberl: The Welsh Adventure Racing Series Black Mountains

5th & 6th October: Questars 2 Day, Southern England (TBC)

20th October: Tri-Adventure Sprint, Chilterns

27th October: Cardiff Burn, Cardiff.

17th November:  Tri-Adventure Sprint & Experience, Chilterns

17th November: Organic AR, Yorkshire.

There are a large number of multisport endurance events without navigation such as Trailplus, Scottish Coast to Coast, Welsh Ultra Running Series, Endurance Life Trail series and single discipline endurance events with navigation such as mountain bike orienteering and mountain marathons.  These and a huge number of other great races can be found on the comprehensive events calendars provided by Racing Snakes, Camracers and Sleepmonsters.