Adam Rose

AR Team

Beacon AR

Hometown and Region

Camberley, Surrey

Adventure Racing Experience

More than 3yrs.
Done the usual sprint races – Questars, Endurance Life, Rat Race etc
Did the first Montenegro Expedition Challenge in 2010, which was epic, and want to do again.
Did the 2012 Slovenian race.
Did the Lakeland100 in 2013 on first attempt.
Did the Bimbache Extrem 5 day in 2013.
Also create own multi-discipline challenges – currently working on a Welsh off-road C2C in 48hrs.

AR Ambition

Do more longer races, esp the Expedition Africa, or even the Patagonia AR if it is resurrected.
Not that interested in stage races.
Am competitive, according to the definition below.

Basic Sports Information

Surf, climb, hike, kayak, mtb, did BMX competitively, etc etc.
Am usually the navigator.

Looking to Join a Team


Background and Ambitions

Grew up running around the African jungle; love nothing better than going off-piste in any terrain.
Was first inspired to do AR by the Borneo EcoChallenge video. Love to do more longer races – only hiccup is that these things cost a lot, both in terms of training time and $$$, esp when factoring in family….same old, same old, lol.
Much prefer races that visit truly wild areas – don’t like coming across ramblers etc while racing.