Mike Howarth

AR Team


Hometown and Region

Halifax, West Yorkshire

Adventure Racing Experience

Saunders, OMM, Nokia Coast to Coast, Open 5s, Open 12, Adidas Terrex C2C (2011), 24 hour MTB racing.

AR Ambition

Fun and competitive. Want to achieve strong results whilst enjoying the experience in a cohesive team. Top 10 results even better!

Basic Sports Information

Run: Sub 20min 5K, reasonably competitive fell runner, never going to win anything though!

Bike:top 10 finishes in local mtb races, top 10 males pairs at Sleepless in the Saddle. Strong interest in long distance cycling.

Kayaking: UKCC 3* touring, still relatively inexperienced though.

Nav:at best average.

Looking to Join a Team


Background and Ambitions

Originally started out as a climber, did some MMs and added some cycling. 2010 did the Nokia Coast to Coast placed reasonably well and the rest is history.

2011 raced Open 5s, Open 12 and Adidas Terrex C2C with Team Castlebergoutdoors.co.uk and had a great time with a great team.

Keep improving, mature as a racer and establish a network of other like minded people for epic days out and bigger races such as the Adidas Terrex Swift.

Raid Pyrenean, Speights Coast to Coast, Adidas Terrex C2C 2013, Tour Divide, Cape Epic all on the hit list.