Sarah Keast

Hometown and Region

Longridge, Lancashire

Adventure Racing Experience

Over 10 years, Texas and UK, up to 3 days, prefer 24hour. MMs and similar.

AR Ambition

Keep having fun, remain competitive and manage to juggle it all

Basic Sports Information

Run, further the better, mountain trail, fell and forest preferred
Bike, sweet single track in the mountains please
Kayak, BCU 2*, nearly 3 apparently. Got my own Necky and sea kayak.
Nav, very good unless driving, then worthless
Bake great cake and flapjacks, key to any sport.

Looking to Join a Team


Background and Ambitions

Climbed, ran, MMs, biked etc before children. 12 years in Texas added variety to that. Now single parent, so not taking it too seriously, just getting out to play and be a little competitive. It’s all good.